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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Can Handle It

I'm at the local library using there computer. Finish up with Regis and latter on I will head over to Liz. But first she has appointment with her therapist.

I'm having a little trouble trying to figure what to actual blog about. Well last evening I drove over to Troy for my quilting class.
I know people including my self does play a roll on world stage. I notice the ladies in this quilting class seem to have the income to purchase fabric and large amounts at retail prices.
Murphy and I have a queen size bed and one can pick up fabric for $10 a yard locally. And a good around figure is 7 yards. And the reason I say 7 yards, I like some hang on my quilt. So for me I would estimate 8 yards. And I haven't figure out batting or anything else.
I'll let you figure the cost of doing a Quilt. It could easily be over a $100.

Weigh in at our local T.O.P.S group I was up a half a pound. Gee I thought I was doing such a good job this week.
I'm not sure what went wrong. But there always the next three seconds. One can start moving forward to a better life.

I wear an pedometer and I notice I could and should get a few more steps in. So I make it appointment to park a little father away so I can get those extra steps in. As Regis was at his appointment I did mange to get a short walk in.

I like to get up between 5 and 7 in the morning. In my neck of woods I notice that the sun is coming up shortly before 8 in the morning.

Gee no more political and spiritual talk. I'll leave it at that before I get into trouble.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fun Talent

Never heard of one needs talent to have fun. I went to "paint one on" at a local wine place, called HEART ROCKS WINE. I can see plenty wrong with it. But I was there to have fun. There were five ladies plus owner.
We all basic painted the same thing, and they all look slightly different. I have a "Happy Sheep" who know he miss the slaughter house.

Murphy and I fix the strawberry patch fence, re force it. Then did a little bit of angling on the deck boards, so the water will run off and ice won't form.
Not sure if our deck would be a recycles or repurpose. Most of the lumber came from the shed we tore down from the shed out on the bench.

I had Murphy take some photos of me. I thought I want some newer ones of my self. So I took what I thought was the 3 best out of 15. I know we see our self different then others.

Ziggy was looking in. He will sit by the bathroom door and if he knows some one bathing or shower and soon as we get out, he'll jump right in.
We're always saying to him....Your a strange one, Mr Ziggy.

Still learning more about instgram and I got some of my photos post, but there a few I want to post more.
Weighed in this morning, happy and my goal is to have the T.O.P.S scale to be under 221.50
I drew my next tarot card I'm going to draw, and it the sword of page. I have my vision what I believe it should look like.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

In An Minute We Move Foward

This morning and we did have a light frost. I did mange to get a short walk in. The larch haven't yet start to turn color. If your curious what a larch is...best way to explain it, would be...A pine tree that change colors and loose it needles. But actual it classify as a deciduous fir tree.

A short time back a larch was remove. The field is own by a Mormon family. And they do have sense of community and family with there own members.
I guess one of there members need help with firewood, and was willing to take a larch out and gave it to him.
But like many religious organization there to much Male controlled.

But it did change the landscape. When a tree is remove there something will advantage and others it doesn't.

During one of late summer wind storm. I believe it was in 2016. That a top of tree blew out. And the people who own the field across from us, pulled up. So Murphy and I went cut and split it as firewood.
At one time our main source of heat was wood, and supplement with gas. Now gas is our main source of heat and supplement with wood.

There a few things I need to finish up. But I'm going to fall over a some what political rant. I guess it depends way you lean. I recently made a comment about Harvey Weinstein. But we have a sexual predator and perv as our President. Do you recall during the election when Candidate Trump use the phase "Grab em by the pussy" In being fair I should mention "Bill Clinton and Monica". Before social media it was pretty much could be kept in the closet. It known that President Harding was a TRUE PERV

Still need and want to do a few small things around here. The wood still need to be unload and place in basement.
There wash going and will need to be transfer over to the dryer. There were a small amount of fabric's I'm trying to get the smell out of it, to perfumie.
And as for my crafts I know I won't complete. But I still need to continue on my binding on the quilt and sew anther ball of fabric so I can continue with the crochet rag rug.
Well There an excellent change I will get the tarot card I been working on.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Are We Meant To Have Perfect Being

I  thought my ideal of waiting 20 minutes to see if I need a snack or not. My clients I didn't go out today and so no stress.
But there this popcorn, I got Liz hooked to. I know popcorn is healthy. But the topping isn't. So one or two hand full wasn't manageable.

It been a while time since I've done SKY WATCH Friday. Simple because of the photo issues. I thought the morning was beautiful how the fog wrap around the mountains.
The snow is slowly coming down the mountain side, soon it will be in valley.

I start to do INSTAGRAM and at this time I only have a few photos up. One is Miss Daisy. Well when I get off of work. She thinks I come home and toss her stuff toys. As you can see she sure can focus quite well.

Got chance to crochet anther ball of fabric of the rag rug, and it looks like I will need more white. I did get a full size white flat sheet, and it was still in the package. Brand new and it was price at $4

I almost have my empress tarot card. I want to put a swing of some type in my drawing. I can see it in my head. But I can't cognate my brain and hands to have it come out looking like a swing.

Opinion time...I believe we have a serious mental ill President here in the United States. Everyday his choice he makes worries and scares me. Although he real raising trouble with any gain we have with our foreign neighbors.
Like today with IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL and if our President keeps going this way, he  will be siding up with Putin Russia, Netanyahu Israel, and possible North Korea Kim Jong Un. I bet some of you are shaking your head about Kim Jong Un. Sure both of them is having there childish moments on twitter. But come right down to it. All these leaders including our President Trump have a lot in common.
As we're in the year of Rooster but I consider it the year of the cock (anther name for a rooster) and have you every seen a rooster strut around the barn yard. Well all the leaders I mention pretty much behave like a rooster.

Then what he did to our health care. Since Affordable Care Act or Obama care. What every you want to call it.
90% of American has health insurance. But now with stroke of Trump pen who know were our health coverage will become.
I still sport a one payer or universal health program.

Had my yearly physical everything looks ok. The only thing I need to do is my mammogram. I'm making my appointment this coming Tuesday when I take Regis for his physical therapy. But I did get my TP SHOTS

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Finishing Up And Going On

This will be my last posting on the so called exercises on writing your weight lost. It got me think on how I look at my self.
But there two area I need to address is more movement and those nasty snack attacks.
I call them nasty simple because they attack my when one lease expect it. Today I didn't work and very little stress. So no nasty snack attack.
Everyone, will that not quite true. I been told by some I'm a whiz at handling stress. My husband said I can keep it together under stress...He tells me....I could get every one off a sinking ship. That might be true but after wards I would stuff my face with food. So I'm either rewarding my self or medicating my self. I believe what I'm going to do about the snack attacks mostly because I handle a stressful situation is wait 20 minutes then decided if I need a snack or not.
I'm wearing my pedometer and not quite half way though the month. Notice I haven't done much walking this month. And I know there so many benefits to walking. Confession time...I set to much.
Looking at my October weather notes and walking notes. On the average I'm walking 2.50 miles a day and to be honest this is including that I wear my pedometer though out the day.

Next thing I'll be going though WORKING WITH TAROT. I'm going to start on fool journey of life. The first one the fool encounter is the Magician.
But I have no ideal when I will be doing this.

This actual angers me. That people have to go to do a "go fund me page" for medical treatment. One of our local here that his wife has set up a go fund me page. For her husband DON'S CANCER FUND
At this time I won't rant about our medical system.

Not much done around the place today. Murphy and I was going to work on the fence around the strawberries.
I did a little that deals with crafts. Wash my new fabrics I picked up at local thrift store. The reason I wash them. The local thrift store washes everything they get but they use scent laundry soap and it to much for me.
I fill up a bobbin and sewed the next ball of fabric to the rag rug, I'm working on.
Well the next thing I will be doing is sitting up the ironing board and iron out the wrinkled.

Yesterday post. I mention facebook and people rant and raving. I decided to post a little something that could be fun...What are you reading?...Then turn to page 111 and post 5th, 6th, and 7th line.
I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings...The flames of fire and brimstone. But that was what the bible said and it didn't make mistakes. "Ain't it said somewhere in there...

It didn't stick around long but we had snow but it was mix with rain and didn't really stick.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Just Looking

Thought it was time to do a daily post. I was looking though our local Rant and Rave page on facebook. Question time...Does your local area have a rant and rave page on face book? Our community has one. But some time I think it more like a ROMPER ROOM
Don't post much there or comment. But I do read the post and just shake my head in total amaze by what other thinks. Time to move on.

It been such a nice day. And such pretty colors we're having here right now. But time to move on. Work went well Liz and I went to all three thrift store.
Thrift store has great values. I just can't paying retail when you can get them at thrift store. I got a new top and some Jammie's. They came to $4.00
Then I got two piece of cotton fabric and both fair amount. Each were price at fifty nine cent each.
I been reading write your own diet. Two things they talk about is how you look and how you want to look.
With a picture we can make opinion on someone. It may or not be fair. Then when we read about someone, from what every source it may be from.
I was curious what I would look like if I lost weight. Well there an app or site called WEIGHT MIRROR. I have no desire to be under size 12 or 135 pounds. I just want to trim up and not being dragging this weight around. So many health trouble of packing this fat around.
By this time I figure loosing weight is for one self.

These are some of the squares I've cut for my quilt I'll be working on in Troy.
Daisy want me to toss her toy and hopeful tomorrow  I will get chance to visit some blogs.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Shouldn't and Shouldn't

Weight and it went well and I was down I believe was a half pound. But I will check in my weight lost register.

After banging my head up the wall. I now can load up photos so I can now share photos. Leaves are starting to change colors. Snow on top the mountain peak. I heard snow is coming to the low level. Although if it does blanket my yard, it won't stay long.

Liz has came a long way. Confession time...I fine it stressful taking her out. She has in the past done some real off the wall things. At times I felt like crawling under the table. In the past I thought of retaining a lawyer. There been a few times I could possible see her getting arrested, and me being at wrong place and wrong time kinda of thing.
So today I took her and Regis out to the hope house. They both got some clothing, and Liz got a few extra.
We went out to see Regis dad who live fairly close to hope house.

I just couldn't get into shopping. I usual don't have trouble with depression but for some reason I was struggling with it.
I have fun looking though clothing at the thrift store. 
I'll try to convince my self fashion isn't important. But there three basic thing when I get dress I want the clothing say..comfort, fun, and style.
I still check out what they have in size 12. Don't know if I will every be in size 12 again. But one thing I don't want to be under 135. So not sure if one weigh 135 and stand 5'6 like me. What size they wear.
This morning I was trying to figure what I'll wear for work. My job don't require me to dress up. Why does one need to dress like a million bucks if there going to be house hold chores.

Anther place we stop was the Three Mile Antique Mall. For me I love there fabric section. I got some fat quarter for $1.50 each. And anther piece for $1.00 But for $3.00 one can fill up a gallon zip lock bag.
Liz got a elk antler and she going to use it for wine glass holder. Regis found this grim ripper pipe.

I had been talking about the locker hook rug I've made and hear is the one I completed. Right now I've been cutting strips for the next rug I want to make.
I also started a quilt class over in Troy Montana. But I'm finishing up the one I start last winter. Then I been cutting eight inch squares for anther quilt and it called the "sand castles" and it doesn't have nothing to do with the beach.

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