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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Lot More Then Blab Blab

Expression one self at times can be difficult. Or it might even seem somewhat impossible. Orange candles can represent "expression" which I want to mainly focus on this post.
I often wonder if we don't have trouble expression but those around us might have trouble interpret.
But often we have preconceive thoughts and ideals, before anything is express. But one needs always remember we have no control of how someone will take on what we express.
But I won't suggest anyone keep there month shut. Civilized is the key word.

One day my friend Qunella and I was having a cup of coffee up in the loft at Under The Sun and there a photo of lady, taking in the 1800's I would guess.
Qunella and I see the expression on the lady face complete different. I see worry, and I'm sorry I don't recall how my friend see it.

Symbols of different sort been use to express one self. Flowers was given at one time to express ones feelings. If someone send you bouquet of flowers and they have pansy, could mean love in idleness, to think, or even possible, free thinkers.
Lark spar could have the meaning of strong attachment, lightness, or even possible pure heart.
Gladiolus could have the meaning of never give up, strength of charter, and even possible intergy.
All art forms been use to express and even heal some. But the sad thing we might not complete understand what one might be saying.

I know someone who paints all sort of front entries, and there all different. Question time...What comes to your mind in this painting?
Half of life being told and the other half not...having straight shot or waiting for an opportunity.
So many question anyone of could ask about this painting.

Would it be lovely when we express our self that everyone would actual understand what we are actual saying.
It doesn't matter the media which we choose to express our self. But that we do express our self.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Who Knows The After Effects

Some how, some place, and time that Deimos and Phobes comes into our lives.
Although which way the scale of balance will tilt.
OPINION TIME...It up to one own will or other time one don't have control over there will.
Before I start to write this,
I try under stand or feel what terror might actual feel like.
The only time I can come up with look of tear into my dad eyes.
And I felt terror into my soul. But I know others who have live a life of terror.
As any person I do have my fear, and phobics. Yes, they can be crippling, strange, and even possible be funny.
As spreading fear unto some one or a group.
I see no purpose in this.
Statement Time...My spirit is no less no better the I.
To put it quite simple it away to control and manipulated others.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Our Guns Our Out of Control

Editor Note...There been plenty on social media about guns since the school shooting in Parkland Flordia.
I've seen all sort of things on gun control and this is what I post on my facebook page....
Lot been said about on the issue of possible gun control, since Parkland Florida...I haven't share any posts on this subject.
But I feel I need to speak on guns...I figure some of may even unfriend me. Well to be quite honest I don't give a rat ass.
First thing I don't believe the gov't is coming to take your guns. Ok some people are just parnoid.
Second I believe everyone has a right to defend there home. Actual I would suggest every home owner or renter. Get a 12 gauge shotgun and use slug. Believe me this will stop some one dead in there track. Unless your a super bad shot.
Now those who want to own and operate a gun of any calbiber...There guns should be treat same as owning a vehicle. Most people and including my self needs a driver's license, so why not a gun license to operated a gun out side of your property.
Then there the titles and regisition for vecihles.  Same for guns should be as for vehicle.
Now this is key point I want to make. Gun owners should carry liability insurance on your guns. Like we have to on vehicle
Now listen well...If any of my love ones get shot out in about in community...No I won't come after you...I will get legel advice...and do everything possible to bring legel suit against you. If possible I will empty your bank accounts, investment, properties, and place any lien on anything you may own and possible anything you may own in future.

As I understand on March 24 is #marchforourlives if you can't attend one of these marches. I would encourage you to contact your elected offical and let them know where you stand on the gun issues.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

We Can Help Those In Bogus

In the town of Bogus the jury had taken a much larger roll in court. It learn that people was quick to pick up and had there bias take on life.
So the jury box chairs had a blindfold and any who sat in the jury box, whore a blindfold.
Jury instead of finding a person guilty or not guilty. Most fine 3 solution to any problem and present to the judge. And his or her ruling will be from these 3 solutions.
As M seem to be quite angry and one cold day. M got so angry that he went into the middle of the road any start yelling obscenities. Soon the local authorities took M to quite room at local community center.

Like all who upset M was seen by a physician, psychiatrist and a lay person in the community. Soon M had a bed, a shower, and mostly place where M could be safe.
But the king of Zest land as all citizen most do there duty in the community hall. And the king and 7 others spent time in the cries center for a week. To help those who up set.

Soon a report was done from all three, who saw M and was send to the court of help. Each Jury place there blindfold before Audience or others who might bring light.
10 question could be ask to M by the physician, psychiatrist, or the king. and also make 10 minute or less statement to the jury. But those from the Audience who have something to say couldn't be question by jury, or ask any question.

After all was said the Jury and the 3 who saw M would go and deliberate. Then make a solution to the problem of M.

Question time...What is your solution for M

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

One Change I Can Say I'm Not A Fan

Depends where one look on google about names of moons. February could be possible the "snow moon"
My major complain is putting on my winter boots.
Today Murphy and I clear our drive way of snow. He ran the blower and I did the place that blower can't get to like steps and such.

My clients need to get out and have bit of a social life. Finding something for them at reasonable cost. See both of there income is around $800 a month. Good place to put a link for EXCHANGE rate
And once or twice month. I'll treat them.
So I stop in and got some treats at SELKIRK SWEETS brought them and made a little coffee.
I know I grumble about the food choices. But we all deserve a few small pleasure in life.

I'm fairly sure everyone heard about shooting in Florida at one of there schools. Not sure why American are so hung up on SECOND AMENDMENT and it seem no one talks about the other amendments to our Constitution.
Well at this time I will only make a brief statement on guns...."They should have same types of rules of operating a vehicle."

Did up my bullet journal goals and plans for up coming week. Let me tell you mine sure isn't all that pretty. It's pretty dull.
To me one of the harvest things is cheak off items once I complete them.

Talk to my oldest and I ask him if he have any desire to live here, Bonners Ferry and simple answer is no. One of his favor word though high school was IDIOT
He was telling me he saw a job posting for this area, and it was for a heavy machine operator. It paid around $12 an hour and must have two year experience.
Well if the job is forty hour week and if there a spouse and one child this worker have a fairly good chance to get SNAP BENEFITS. And Idaho rate DEAD LAST IN WAGES
I know this is a little out date, but here is COUNTY BY COUNTY WAGES

The other day I was thinking I would like to be full time domestic engineer. And make some different home made soups.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Don't Want To Bore You, But I May or Not

It snow and I can't do anything about it. Yea weather is something we have little control over. But we do have some control over how much we pollute our environment.

I did get the paper work in for possible increase with Regis hours which was done on the 5th and they have two weeks to decided. Time they get around to increasing his hours he may or not need the extra time.
Sort of like. You can't fight city hall.

I hear there cutting food stamps or now what there calling S.N.A.P (supplement nurtional program program) Now possible heading to a HARVEST BOX. Some comparing it to Blue apron. Not sure of all the details.
It actual sort of remind me of COMMODITIES 
I've complain how our snap program is ran. Most people I've seen purchases junk food with there benefits. 
I know it's been a lot actual I lost track how many time I did my clients shopping. And there shopping list consist of ...half gallon of ice cream, box of Oreo cookies, bag of salt and vinegar chips, milk, coke, almond joy and doughnut holes.
Very rarely I'll pick up any fruits or vegetables when I shop for clients. Let lone fresh meat.
I have no trouble some one having a treat or so. But eating this on a regular bases and it could possible lead to all sort of health trouble.
Maybe WIC should included low income senior and disable. Here is a list of WIC food from my home state of IDAHO

I been working on both locker hook rugs and crochet rugs. And also I need to get back on track on improving my health.

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Friday, February 09, 2018

Now It's A Heap

The blue strips of fabric is being use for Liz rug that was suppose to be done for her Christmas gift. Although actual it well over half done.
But I was so glad I had a sheet that wouldn't fit any of our beds. So when I can repurpose reuse or recycle something in one my craft projects, all the better.

I've been trying to haul items to the thrift store. But the other day I stop in and just fell in love with this purse. It fit all the things I like to put in my purse.
It seem purse are either to small or large.
I've had this bell for a while and for some odd reason I fine comfort in it. So I hook it to the side of my purse.
Anyhow it only cost me $3.50

Mange to get a letter out to a pen pal. It amazing what one can come up when it comes to letter writing. Or now known as MAIL ART
Lot of things can be use, so ones recycling and repurpose.

Yesterday it got up above 50 degree and notice some of my bulbs are coming up. Tomorrow  we're going to celebrate IMBOLC and when we do our circle. I believe I'll be calling the western corner which represent emotion.
Since it close to my birthday I believe we will bring a cake or possible pie. Both Murphy and I don't need bunch of sweet around the place.
Confession time...something in life I have a real weakness for.

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