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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Things Aren't Change With A Nod

Every Spring after the snowdrops has bloom and the afternoon sun was fairly high in sky people would come out of there gray homes in Bogus and sat under the tree out in meadow.
It was believe that anyone who put on the great hat would have great knowledge and wisdom.

It was never known who was aloud to wear such a hat. But only certain people could put on the great hat.
Any who wore the great hat it was told not to question them on anything.

But those who wore the great hat sometime would have this attitude that everyone was taking in what they were saying. No one every spoke or question there greatness.
But people had individual thought going on in there head. Questioning what was being said.
Dream of new ideal that may lay over the mountain. 

People start to adventure out and one sunny day a new comer wrote there bike in from Comlege and he had a rabbit sticking out of his hat and duck on the back of his bike in a bowl. Every time a bump was hit feet had to be stuck out or the bike would tip.
The person on the bike was always looking way forward, and not paying attention to what was under foot.
Great tools was brought into Bogus and new and wonderful things start to happen in Bogus.
With diversity knowledge, and understanding they never had.

Just finish up my next there tarot cards...One is the Hierophant which represent...wisdom, answer, and harsh truth, 
three of pentacles which represents...praise, recognition, and completion, 
Two of pentacles which represents...balance, responsibility, and pressure.

Monday, December 11, 2017

I Now Know Who's The Guilty Party

I misbook my flight, and I'm 97% sure I haven't yet mail in my last progress notes in. I don't like to look like a fool. But I'm honestly thinking of calling the company and ask if they receive my last set of progress note.
See it been a crazy last week with horrible back house trot and Mercury in retrograde. But still I can think of one more place to look is in my car.

It been some what a ruff at work. Liz son got send to prison and it not easy on her. I don't believe it would be easy on any parent.
Let me restate that...He was sent to Prison to be held and waiting a bed at some rehab place. Well he been diagnose with schizophrenia, and refuse to be on medication.
Off and on he been aggressive with his mom. But I haven't had any trouble with him.
I don't know if it feasible or not. That someone be court order to take medication. No one been kill or hurt by him. But it only time.
Hopeful this time he will wake up.

I got my odds and ends of gifts for Regis grandson. We got them boxed up, but he couldn't fine his son address. They seem to have a good rapport and he should be getting hold of his dad.
Then with Liz it seem to be anther story. Her two other kids haven't yet contact her on the address.
Well I'm still waiting for one more item. Which I will pick up Thursday from my friend Qunella.
Can't do any more then that.

I was planning to crochet on my rag rag. But I need to sew a ball of fabric to end piece. My sewing foot is my bag, and that in my trunk of my car.
Well I'll work on my locker hook rug. As I watch star trek.

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Saturday, December 09, 2017

Not All Is Totally Dispointment

Didn't make it to Medford. Some how I mis-book my flight. Then the issue with the back house trots and this is first day of real real relief, the day isn't done.
So we were going to fly down on the 14th but once we thought about it, it just wasn't all of that bright of an ideal.
The schools will be starting to let out for the holidays, I'm afraid finding a flight might not work out. I love my children I don't want to wear out my welcome.
Now I'm not sure when exactly we will be going. I thought the first part of the new year would be good. But it looks like Sawyer and Betty will be coming into Spokane, that month for a visit.

Christmas shopping is coming along nicely. A few minor addition I need to make for my client Christmas children gifts. To me it real important to be fair.

I order some items from Amazon and I thought I would order and witches almanac. There plenty of them out there. So I went with 2018 Witches companion an Almanac for Contemporary living.
Not impress with the calendar part at all. But most of it looks like it has some pretty interesting chapters and or articles.
Last one caught got me curious. Counting the dark side: Finding Balance Between Light and Shadow. Making friends with your shadow.

Murphy and I'm heading to Sandpoint to do some Christmas shopping and other errands. I haven't finish up getting items for my youngest family.
I was looking on line to see what I can get Molly and she wears a small to get some ideals. Both of my son wears a meduim.

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Sunday, December 03, 2017

Just Won't Except One Way

Our local pagan group, Is starting to go though a book called TO RIDE A SILVER BROOMSTICK and our first assignment is each of us is to do a basic report on a pagan sect or some may use the term coven.
Paganism is an umbrella term, there many path one may choice from. Like Christianity some of the sects under there umbrella may be Church of Christ, Roman Catholic, or Friend of Man.
Then there a listen of Jewish sect, and under there umbrella. Reform, Messianic, or Orthodox. Now out of the Christan faith the only two I have some ideal about is Church of Christ and the Catholic and Friend of man, total clueless. The Jewish I would be clearly lost.
So for my pagan report I'm going to Eclectic I consider my self more eclectic then anything. Statement time...There more then one way to make the god/dess happy. I'm not into black and white rules when it come to one faith practice. As long it has some solid basic ethics and I feel it right for me.
Then the other one I took is Austru. Their sect is teaching of Norse God/dess and Vikings. To me they seem so violent. It's like saying all Jew's will con you out of what every and have nose that can sniff out money, and our greedy.
The few Jews I been in contact there life wasn't much different then mine.
And negro I meant haven't had any criminal or immoral intentions. Not saying it doesn't exist but jerks  come in all color of the rainbow.
So I bet I can fine a more peaceful side to Austru.
Then the last on is Pictish, Scottish that attunes itself to nature, animals. plants and mineral. Which I found listed in the book the group is going though. And which I never heard of. But it does sound interesting

We finish up our plans for Yule. Usual we do our wheel of the year during Samhain but no circle then. So we will be doing it during wheel of year, the pagans holiday.
Everyone is taking one of our holidays. Murphy doing Yule and I will be doing Imbolc.
Then for our general meeting it was decide to do continue on the book of shadow. We will be cover what goes in the first part.
As I understand in the first part of book dedication, blessing, personal ethics, and index. But I can be wrong.

Isn't it amazing about our possible new tax plan for future. I know President Trump haven't sign it. But cutting taxes is always the answer to our democracy. Opinion time...It just going to raise the debt and the ones who will pay for is the lease of us. Cutting service for the poor, disable, children, and woman.
Opinion time...I'm for a personal income tax rate which would include investment income. Let say those under 40,000 wouldn't pay and those over would pay 20%. It shouldn't have to be done on multi pages.

Sundays I post a question on facebook and Question time...Have you every thought of closing down your facebook page, and why?...when name calling and insults gets out of hand. Not everyone is going see eye to eye.

I woke up with the back house trot, diarrah. Although my stomach isn't up set. I got my flight line up to see my son and his wife down in Medford Oregon.
We will fly out Thursday morning.
The odds I won't have there locker hug rug done.
And I'm making moon water, holly water.

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Saturday, December 02, 2017

November 2017 Check in

I guess this isn't all that late for a check in. I just can't believe our weather we had for November. To me it been on the warm side. Usual after mid November we usual have a fair mount of snow. As you can see in photo, no snow in the valley.
Warmest day was 11th and 26th of November 44 (6)
Coldest day was 6th of November (-7)
Average high was 39 (3.8)
Average low was 30 (-1.1)
My walking seem to stay about the same. I walk 30.75 miles (49,487.3)
Confession time there been times I didn't record the weather or put on my pedometer.

Been looking though my bullet journal how November went. Look like I need to should keep track of my plans and goals. I know there been a few things I didn't mark off and I did.
I could list what I didn't finish, but I did work on my goal. Sure I could of done but I didn't do nothing.

It been a while and I done anything with my 30 days of gratitude. Just did #10 "What taste are you grateful today?"
I like most foods. What my mouth desire might change day to day or where my emotion may or not be at.
I don't care for overly sweet food. I'm not a big fan of chocolate cover cherries.

It time to end this post...with a PERSONAL INSIGHT I've had a few ask me about this...Just click on body of text, and your own text...Then you can copy and paste some of your own blog post. Or type a story.
One can learn a lot about them self

You are inner-directed and analytical.
You are uncompromising: you think it is wrong to take advantage of others to get ahead. You are deliberate: you carefully think through decisions before making them. And you are calm-seeking: you prefer activities that are quiet, calm, and safe.
You are motivated to seek out experiences that provide a strong feeling of organization.
You are relatively unconcerned with both achieving success and taking pleasure in life. You make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. And you prefer activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Race Horse Dream

Dream that my husband and I own a race horse a dark bay with one of the hind leg with white below the ankle.
He was at a stable painted white with  very light touch of gray. The roof was a dark green with also a touch of gray.
This horse was name Edition and it won a lot of races, and was in the winner circle a lot. But leading the horse around the barn area. I secretly want him not to come in first. I told Edition that it would be ok to place 2nd or 3rd. This way we still be in prized money. But not in the winner circle. And I would be more comfortable.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Morning VS Evening Post

I been hearing it best to journal in the morning? I look at my blog as possible a journal and a lot of other things.
Question time...when do you feel is best time of day to post your blog?

I'm more ambition in the morning then other time a day. I figure my mind, and spirit in better state, if there such a thing.

This morning I went to my weight lost group and I was down 1.5 pounds. I did stay way from sweets quite a bit. Please don't get the ideal I did it 100%
But our group is now doing. Pick three items you need to work on and work on these items...Mine are no sweets, increase movement, and water.

It been slow going with Sawyer and Betty rag rug. I'm liking the brown around the edges so far.

Well I found they cut back Liz CBRS (Social worker)  to one hour a week. Not sure if she was getting 3 or 2 hours a week.
They want the personal care givers to take up slack. But with our current adminstrain I don't see them increasing my hours or wages to take care of this.
It's not I can't handle it, but Opinion time...They need a variety of people in there support system just not one or two people.

Been picking at my family history. I just realize that my great grand parent Elisha and Cythia  (Brunson) McCalmant had only one daughter Maud Alice and 6 sons. Although they both had children from previous marriage.
I learn at one time he was a game warden.
He died the same year I was born. My mother thought Her Great Aunt Ellen was some one who put on an act. I'm not sure were she gain her info. But my mom wasn't one to make up stories...She said Aunt Ellen would clean her home up and call a minster in and tell him she was dying. The lady live well into her 90's.
any how this is my great uncle and great aunt...Guy and Ellen (Fraily) McCalmant.

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