weight lost and walking

Friday, April 20, 2018

Now To Be Or Not To Be Amazed

I been getting over 5,000 steps in last few days. My goal was to get over 5,000 steps and if I keep going at this rate. Next month I will up it to 7,500
I did order a fit bit zip not sure when it will be. And I start to do FIT DAY again and can uses it with my phone.
I only did some minor goal set up on site. Trying to keep my daily calorie goal between 1,800 and 2,000. They do offer some other feature but not sure what I want or need to do with it.

Drop my friend Qunella at the airport in Spokane, she going to Seattle to celebrate her mother life. I'll go back down on Sunday.

One thing I noticed that that some of the trees were leaf out. And I figure Monday or shortly after wards our leaves in North Idaho will start to leaf out.

Stop at Super One and bought a few thing. I got a jar of Kimchi. I would like to try to make it or try different varieties of them.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

I Real Don't

This morning I'm honestly trying to figure how to blog. Not what to blog about. I just don't like grumbling about my digestion system. Well diarrhea is back, although not as bad. I wrote down every thing I ate on Wednesday.
At this point I'm starting to think it could be possible dairy foods. But Monday I have an appointment with the doctor.

I've been trying to increase my walking. I been pushing my self to walk a little bit more. Right now I have T.O.P.S pedometer.
It ok. Actual it one my better one. But it doesn't go to techie device. It doesn't plug into anything.

Now I'm think of getting a fitbit zip. So I can use an app to keep track of my steps. I was keeping track of my food with, FITDAY  now I'm thinking of using there app with my phone. But I know quite a few people who use  MY FITNESS PAL.
I'm familiar with Fitday. What I like to do is a good but easy app to use both on my phone and laptop.

I'll get the fitbit zip. Over at SONG BIRD CRAZY WORLD she post a blog on her new toy, SMART FOOD SCALE, although I know nothing about them.

Confession time...I just got my smart phone. I've had a flip phone for ages. And still learning my way around.
I still need to set up my voice mail. I gave my hubby my old flip phone.

I put out my whirl things in yard. Weather been super nice and joying morning coffee with hubby out on the deck. Watching bird doing the aerobatics which I find comforting.
Yesterday Regis and I stop at the dollar store in Sandpoint and I got a few things to put out in yard.

Taking my friend Quenella to the airport tomorrow.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Up the Next Flight

For the last three weigh in at T.O.P.S I be
en at or slightly below my first quarter goal. Now it time to start moving about my 2nd quarter goal is to loose the next five pounds.

Got all the tax stuff done. I got the last little bit done for our property taxes. We will get about $170 knock off.
At first I was wonder if any thing was knock off.

After work today and the dentist. I went and had a teeth cleaning. As there were scrapping crud off my teeth. Only I could think what a smelly job. Gee I could smell it, and what raunchy smell.

I did get a little more done on the back bedroom after work. I found a few more items to take to the thrift store. I sure hope I remember to take it in the morning.

At first I was going to tell you this is my friend "George" I take care of it. Not sure if it maler or female.
Question time...Does anyone know anything about this insect?
They seem to like to be under woodpile, boxes or wood products. And they stink when you squash them.
Usual I toss them outside. But sorry to annouce they will be flush down the toilet or cremated in wood stove during the cold winter months.

Monday, April 16, 2018

What Do We Or I

Just finish up paper work for my first quarter taxes. Then the paper work for our property taxes circuit breaker.
Actual I don't mind paying my taxes, but I take every legal loop hole I can. On the circuit breaker one I can deduct our medical cost off our property taxes. Although it's not that much less then $700. But every penny count.

I send a copy of our taxes to my employer. We get bonus twice a year and there were some who didn't claim there income. Well they got audit and start looking into there employees, matching up social security numbers and found some didn't pay taxes.
Not sure what happen.

This morning I was telling my hubby. My next life or next time around. I'm NOT going to be a responsible person. Just let thing slide.

trying to keep things balance isn't an easy thing. I weigh in tomorrow at local top group. I need to the scale to be under 215.75. If it is I'll start working on my next five pounds.
My goal is to loose 5 pounds a quarter.
20 pounds drop and I still will be over weight.
I even have conversation with my self. Why and how I let my self get this heavy. Well simple answer is I did.
Then the other conversation I start to have is my 2019 health goal. Simply I need to shut up and keep focus on my 2017 health goals.
Question time...In your own mind have you every discuss things.

Last little bit to go on the locker hook rug. It tight fit and my hand get cramps in them.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

WWW Doesn't Always Stand for Wide World Web

We put a peek hole off our kitchen door. I hear and see they have those fancy ones to hook to your smart phone or computer device. But for under $5 this will work just fine.
I thought it might be interesting to put camera lens up to it and take a photo.

Still working on the bed room, not as hard as I did yesterday. My left side on my lower back is hurting.
I've work with plenty of people who has pain issues. Not saying I'm anti or pro pain medication. But when waking I notice if one waits 15 minutes before taking pain meds. There time the pain will slowly subdue. I woke up at 8 to 9 in pain. I would say maybe a little longer then 15 minute pain level was decreasing. No it not all gone, but I'm at 5 or 6.

About every hour or so I walk around the yard, which help decrease the pain level. check flower beds out. Finely a few flowers are showing there colors

As for my cleaning project I was looking at the book case or so called. In all honesty I want to get rid of it.
But not sure were the books and such should go. Or which one to keep...See which one to keep or get rid of...One of those which question.

I found an app I want to try. Well I don't think there a lot of wants I actual need. But I found this app doing genealogy called WE'RE RELATED and so far I can't get it to work.
If there was a charge for it I wouldn't even try. But I know I'm related to a few shady people in history.

When it comes to techie stuff. When I try something usual my statement is "How" and "Why"

SUNDAY MORNING  is a show I like. And there was over money. One thing I have "wonder" like lot of thing. Is our relationship with it.
I guess the truth to be said. One can't live with out it.
Being on HENDONIC TREADMILL isn't and won't solve any troubles in one life. Blowing money on object will only temporary put bandage on your issues.
But I been working on my Hendonic down fall of emotional eating. A lease I know now when it happen and I put in two possible plans when it happen.
1...wait a certain amount time before I eat...let say 15 minutes
2....Have amount or measure of how much one will eat.
I'm sure there more tools one can use for our hendonic down falls.

It time for me to walk again

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Taking A Stab At It

Two of my goal at first of the new year was to get rid of items I was going to have a yard sale, which didn't happen and the items been there for about two years. It not happening. So slowly I been haul things to one of our local thrift store.

Well my other goal was to clean out the one corner in one of our bedrooms. So today I'm taking a stab at that.
Going though the items, I have different reaction. Such as "how I total forgot about that", "Now that where that went" and "Why I did I ever get that"
So hopeful once items get to the thrift store other can fine good use for it.

 Had a little trouble deciding where to put my grand daughter quilt fabric I got. Confession time...I had the fabric since she was in the oven. And now she two.
I guess we should consider our self bless when we live many years after retirement so we can do all those cool things once we retire. Because going to work keeps a damper on those projects.

Well I put Claudia quilt fabric in a plastic bag and place it the tote I keep my larger cut piece, a yard or more.
And I haul the tote in to our basement.

This weekend after seeing the doctor, she suggest trying to do around of MILK OF MAGNESIA over the weekend, and she admit long term use of it. Isn't good for you.
I did go in last Thursday to see my result of my stomach xray. Well all look good but my colon is packed and possible once that is empty my digestion will be back working normal.
So I go back the 23rd, which is week from Monday.
I'm starting to believe it what I'm eating. A food intolerance but what, sort of foods is anyone guess.  I will keep mental note.
Hopeful it can be figure out. 
Confession time...I don't enjoy talking about my health or anyone health. 

I just realized all of my ancestors was here before the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. To best of my knowledge the last person who came over to America was a set of 3rd great grand parents. Mathias Joseph Muench and his wife Maria Gertrude Schwell. They both were born in Duengenheim Germany. With there seven children. Arrive in America 1848. And lot of my family was here couple of hundred years before our American Revolution war. I had ancestors who fought in FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR 
You have 32 3rd great grand parents. 

A few things done around the place. As I was cleaning a bit in one of the bedrooms I found a small back pack my son use in there school days. The zipper work and we could use it for some simple day hikes.
I found some sheets. Three of them don't match to anything I own and there a little ratty. So they can be use for crochet rag rugs. But there one bottom sheet still looks like it's in pretty good shape. But I'm not sure if it goes to any of our beds.
Murphy tied up the raspberry patch and we want to bring the patch forward. 
We went and got the last little wood out of the garage and cut it down. Haul it in to the basement. Hopeful we don't have to use the wood heat anymore this year.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Got Results

I finely got hold of someone about the stool sample I sent in. Good news all came back with normal result in sample.
But still have dirarrhea. So this afternoon I went to have an xray and found out the hospital computer system was down.
So no xray. Never know how long things like that could take for them to be up and running. It was getting late in the day.
I'll go over late morning or early afternoon to get my xray, and then early afternoon I see the doctor.
Strange thing I don't feel bad at all. It so inconvenient.
For now I'm not going second guess what it is.

Got a few extra step. As Regis visit with his speech therpist I decide to walk around for a while.

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