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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Now now

Came home yesterday morning, Monday the 27 from visiting my son Sawyer and Betty in Medford Oregon I was total dead brain.
Got up a little after 3 in morning, and I operate on pacific time zone. First flight was out of Medford at 5 AM, and caught the first flight out of Portland Oregon, at 6:40, to Spokane.
Plus it was a smooth flight home and good tail wind.

Breakfast...Pancake, with strawberries and peanut butter. Side of link sausage.
Lunch...Cream of Broccoli soup, and roll
Dinner...ground beef patty, asparagus, and mac n cheese
Good Snack...orange
Naughty food...cream cheese cake, salsa and chips. One could say salsa is good for you. Then a small lemon cup cake, and kids ice cream cone.
Better list the candies I ate

Back to work and paying bills. Drove out to take care of our internet bill, and the company wasn't open. So Murphy will have to drive out there.
Murphy driving liaison expired on his last birthday November 27. As he was taking care of that I ran some errands.

Little bit of time with Regis and Cindy helping her get ready to go to Salt Lake City. Her and daughter is going to the Mormon CONFERENCE Hope she enjoy and gains some positive from it.

Still having photo issue and on the way back I'll try to stop in at a computer type store when I'm in Courd'Alene area and hopeful they have something.

Did have a wonderful time visiting my children. One thing I did took Boo the dog for walks and notice that in some yards they had this sign.
Around my neck of the woods it would get cross burning in your yard.
Ate out a few times and did try JASPERS well worth it.
My children is doing BLUE APRON and they did up two meals from the recipe cards. One was a chicken enchiladas, and the other is pasta dish.

Also they, talking about Sawyer and Betty start the paper work to adopt a child. Lot of paper work to adopted and there willing to take in an older child.
I wish I wrote down a few a question, actual there some deep thought question to answer.
Had a wonderful time. Boo didn't win her contest. But now offering a RAINY DAY BANDANA And stuck back anther $20 for Daisy there is a link on the right hand side of my blog “Daisy Teeth Cleaning”
Then also placing $20 in anther can for my up coming ceramic business.

 But it always nice to be back home again. I know John Denver usual does this song but I like how WOODY WRIGHT does it.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Some Day I Just

There days I don't know what to post. I could go into a rage about our current political climate. Or even rant about religion but not to day.

Work went swell. Only thing I can rant about all day I want to use the apartment washer were Regis live.
Between getting him to his appointment and finding time for empty washer. Well it didn't work out.

Yesterday afternoon I went over to Troy for more of my quilting class. She got me going on making binding.
I had a diffucult time figure which angle I need sew the binding together. But I did get it done. Should have enough now. Still need to press open the seams.
She ask what we want to learn next time around, I been browsing though the The QUILT INDEX.  So I will let her know about this site.
We all had small potluck and celebrated National Quilting day, which was SATURDAY

The items I order form thread connection I wasn't overly impress with the quilty of fabric I got from them...Caveat Emptor...sure glad I didn't order big amounts.
Still going to take it to my daughter in law and see if she want to add them to her LINE of scarfs.

Talking about eating and potlock. I was down at my weigh in.
Breakfast bowl of ceral and banna.
Lunch ate at our local hospital and had salad
Dinner...bake potato, pork, and cabbage.
Snack...I was going to "eat less on my naughty day since I'm heading down to MEDFORD and knowing I will eat more.
One place I would like to try is JASPERS CAFE
Look like we will have a 3 or 4 hour lay over at PORTLAND

Taking Liz for her appointment in Sandpoint. I'm got the wrong card reader for my X'D reader so I'll take it back.
Hopeful I can get the correct one. Hope the card reader is the trouble simple fic

Did a little on my family history.  Nothing big found.

Like I said at the end of each posting I'm putting a simple link for voting on Boo or donating to Daisy, 3-16-17

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Come Sunday Day

Last few nights I been having sleep issue. I believe my job is wearing on me. Reality is I need to have a chance but I can't afford to quite.
This is what I'm thinking of doing...June, July, and August taking a week off each of those months. But I need to fine someone to take my spot.
Usual my friend LaWalla feel in for me.

Coffee and watched Sunday Morning news show. I wonder what our health care insurance would be like if the Republican party gets hold of our ACA how much will be gutted out.
Some time ago I wrote to my 2 Senator and my Representative. But living ultra conservative state and being of liberal mind. I was just barking up the wrong tree.
Not sure what the latest on HR767 but I would like to see some type of single payer heath insurance. Let me make this clear...Statement time....I don't believe anyone should get a free ride in life.

Can't recall time since President Trump been elected some news brought up his TWEET Then there other ones like Most liberal Senator WYDEN and conservative is LEE 
Well I like to dedicate ROCKIN ROBIN for all of Trumps tweets 

Our area is having trouble with mud slides and flooding. So I thought I would share a Vidio 

Got all the strips on my quilt done. Cut out strips for binding but I'm not sure how to connect the pieces together.
Had Murphy help me line things up when I cut the top and bottom end of the quilt.
Not much done on the tarot cards I've been working on.

Remember to check out voting for Boo and still trying to gain funds for Daisy, 3/18/17

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Now At The Bottom

Possible I might be pushing the donation and votes. So I decided to sort of backing off. And until I get back from Oregon.
Each of my post I will have a link to yesterday post (3/16/17) at bottom right before..."Coffee is on"

Anther trip down to wal-mart with Regis. His new televison has a defect and took in and had got it exchange.
Now once I found he need and H.D.M.I cord to hook up the DVD player and for some reason we ended up with the wrong one.
But the main thing was to get some noise for him.
I doubt either one of my client could live in world of silents.
Confession time...I get tired of handle simple business things of everyday life. Like returning items to the store for my clients.

I did have mamagram. Waiting for the result.

To many cookies and pork rinds.
Breakfast...eggs, toast, and sausage
Lunch...clam chowder
Dinner...pork chop, bake potato, and salad.

Been speak of trouble with usb port, can't get any photos up. Well just tried my speaker on all of my usb plug, have four. Speaker works fine.
So I belive next time in place sell the do hicky.
Hopeful that the promblem.

Today stop in Liz and we talk about what sort of dreams we have. Usual my dream I don't know the people or places.
The other night I was standing on the side of the street and watching cars (1940's) going down a 6 lane highway with slight rolling of the hills.
In my dream I was there I wasn't scared or lost.
But I doubt they were many 6 lane highways. That 20 years before I was even born.

Link to voting and donation 3/16/2017

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Part Of The Answer. But Now What

Recent post I been having issue about U.S.B port. Can't get any photos up on to the lap top. One of my reader suggest I try all of them.
So I did I even un-plug the speaker and plug the other device in, still nothing. But the speaker work fine.
Love to share some photo. The saying a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Now on to my sell pitch, and links.

Still raising funds for Ms DAISY 

Ms BOO is in a contest (Poopin' in Winter Wonderland) 

Also my daughter is semester for WOOF WEAR AND CO Or one can purchase though there esty site...HERE and HERE 

Our pagan group was planning to have celebration and ritual for IMBOLC and OSTRE but at first I thought I wasn't going to attend because I thought I would been in Medford Oregon visiting my oldest.
But because of Sawyer work schedule we're going the following week.
So I send a message and found out it cancel and one of our members had report from some lab work and it doesn't look good.
That her cancer advance to a critical point and this up coming Tuesday there going to discuss her options.
She a little younger then me.
I know this could happen to anyone. I know I wouldn't want to be having her conversation.

 At first I was going to be calling the west corner as wench which represent water which represent emotion. But like I thought I was going to be in Oregon, and now it cancel.

Sure seem like our members in our group is having health issue. Murphette I hear now is having kidney failure.
One other guy who once came to I believe it was are mabon celebration had about with cancer.

I been working on my crafts. Having trouble getting the angle right. Tried several ways and yet haven't gotten it right.
Well what I'm trying to make is some binding. I even got a Dummy book for QUILTING for dummies and I'm real dummy.

Two of my friends and I order some sewing supplies from CONNECTING THREADS There order was quite a bit more then mine
But one thing I need was seam ripper, flat pins, and spray for quilting.

Got three piece of fabric and going to take it down to Oregon and give it to my daughter in law to make pooch scarfs.

Slowly still working on the locker hook rug and even cut some yellow strips.

Snow is sure shrinking. Even can see the flowerbed below the window. Quite a few things are popping up. One of my daffodils has a bud on it and lot of years it ends up freezing out.
Then to east of us the field is sure becoming un-covered.
Quite bit of wind today.

Breakfast...link sausage, potatoes, and eggs
Lunch grill cheese on slice of toast, and pear/cottage cheese sandwich.
Dinner...chicken, rice and pickle beets
Snack...jello and graham cracker.

I believe everything is ready for me to take our taxes to the accountant.
Which I will take in Friday morning before I head over and have the six month recall for the mammogram.
Although breast cancer isn't high in my family. And few of my relatives lived well into there 90's and even in to the 100's.
But my grandma Olive had one of her breast remove and she was well into her 80's.
The reason I'm going in earlier. Something show up and they want to get anther shot of my right boob.
Gee I hope they have an easier time finding what was seen last time.
Couldn't believe how many position my boob was put in.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lunch And How Much

I'm person who usual keeps my word. I told Regis I would go to what he calls club house. It more like group. But I call it the federation, why not.
Every so often they have a luncheon. Before I go out to any type of place to eat. I try to leave with a plan. One thing I figure this time around I'm going 7 or less item, and watch my portion.

Breakfast...B.L.T sandwich.
Lunch...Spaghetti, garlic bread, and jello with cottage cheese, and pears.
Dinner....Pork ribs, bake potato, and left over jello from lunch.
Snack graham cracker with peanut butter.
Some time on the treadmill.

Wish I could figure out what to do about my U.S.B port. Would like to show what I been working on but with this U.S.B trouble.
Looks like I will need someone to help me resolve it, hopeful it happen soon.

Did some cutting strips for my binding for the quilting I'm working on. I decide to use the fabric I been working on but I got small bit of brown from one of our local fabric stores.
I felt it need a little extra color for the binding.
Start cutting the yellow for the strips for the locker hook rug.

Got the paper organized to do our federal and Idaho state tax. On the federal taxes look like we will be in the 10% BRACKET. And looks like 7.40% is max state taxes here in Idaho.
But also I need to mention I have to pay SELF EMPLOYMENT TAX.
And there deduction which I'm aloud. Not sure what they are so I have account handle it. To mind bogging.
Paid quarterly though the year and paid about $2,400
I have to wonder what on President Taxes that was leak out. Only two pages was leaked out. Our income is not even close to his. Our taxes is 15 pages long.
It got me wondering what the other pages would reveal.
Don't mind paying my taxes. We need support our goverment program. But it seem like our here is lack common sense at time.

First puppy dog is Ms Boo is my grandpuppy dog and she in a contest "Poopin' in a Winter Wonder Land." Well she needs 6 MORE VOTES to make it to 500.
Then I'm also still trying to raise funds for Ms Daisy Teeth cleaning, and other vet bills. There is a link on the right hand side of blog "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" Remember each pay day I stick $20 toward her medical, and match any donations.

It nice with over cast. But this afternoon it was studly come down. I'm so ready for snow to go away.

Coffee is on 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Yesterday I Didn't Strip

Not sure if I did better yesterday which was Monday or not. On Mondays I go over to Troy Montana and that's where I been taking my quilting class.
Almost got all my strips sewn together except one. Now I'm ready to d the binding. I believe I might make out colors I'm working with.
Then also backing I will use one fabric I been using in my locker hook rugs.
Couple of things I yet haven't made up my mind is either I'll tie the quilt or try some stitching on it.

Still working on the locker hook rugs. Now I'm using up odds and ends of fabric. Great project to do scarp fabric.

Work consist of taking Regis to Sandpoint. Never know what he says or does is a fantasy or not. He want ICEMAN so he said we switch prices on the item.
Now if he did it hard to tell what he says is true or not. Then he told me he use to give Liz $20 a month and if that true or not who knows.
Well he got Television but haven't yet figure how to hook up the DVD to it. And stop in at Sandpoint Library

Weigh in up 1 pound and thought it might be possible be little more. Monday I went over board.
Breakfast...Hash browns and eggs
Lunch...a bite of Murphy and Regis food
Dinner...Ground beef patty, salad, and bake potato.
Snack...slim jim, dove candy, and graham cracker with peanut butter.
For extra movement I climb the stairs in the library in Sandpoint.

Still trying to raise funds for Daisy teeth and possible other vet bills. If you like to donate there is a link on the right hand side of blog called "Daisy teeth cleaning"

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